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Emma-Louise Wilson

B.A (Hons) C.M.H., C.Hyp., C.P.N.L.P., T.L.T.P

Tel: 07508 358220

Cambridge Hypnotherapist

Emma-Louise Wilson ~ Hypnotherapy 2 Empower

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Emma-Louise Wilson ~ Hypnotherapy2Empower

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Hypnotherapy in Cambridge & Harley Street, London

Emma-Louise Wilson is a compassionate, qualified, dedicated and professional Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Cambridge and Harley Street. In addition, she is a fully qualified and experienced NLP and Time Line Practitioner; training at the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy. Emma-Louise specialises in treating a wide range of conditions including hypnosis for weight loss, stop smoking, insomnia, IBS, building self esteem and confidence, phobias, anxiety and improving sport performance. She combines many therapy techniques for deep relaxation, releasing emotional issues and creating lasting behavioural change. Emma-Louise is a compassionate therapist who is dedicated to helping people achieve and excel in life.

Are you Fed Up With Suffering From:

Lack of Confidence and Self Esteem Sleep Disorders / Insomnia
Anxiety Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Addictions (Stop Smoking, etc) Stress (Life Changes, Relationship, Work)
Weight Gain / Loss Phobias
Eating Disorders Feeling 'low'
Exam Nerves Grief and Loss
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Panic Attacks
Bad Habits (Nail biting, etc.) Jealousy
Panic Attacks Destructive Patterns of Behaviour
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Emotional Release, including Anger Management

Hypnotherapy Can Also Help With:

Motivation Relationship Issues
Preparing for Childbirth / Hypnobirthing Pain Management - Backache, Migraine, PMS
Improving Sports Performance Memory and Concentration

The techniques that I use can also enhance your abilities in many areas like: studying, public speaking, and performance skills in the arts and sport.

It can give confidence, build self-esteem, and improve body image.

Do you shape your own perceptions or does someone shape them for you?

Do you do what you want to do or do you respond to someone else's plan for you?

Why not empower yourself to produce the results you desire most and create value for others in the process?

Get Results! - Now!

The combined techniques of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy can achieve wonderful results. Relaxation relieves stress at home and helps with insomnia. Habit problems such as smoking, overeating, alcohol, drugs or unwanted mannerisms can be managed. Hypnosis, often with doctor referral, has provided effective in physical and mental illness, dealing with phobias, degenerative conditions, anaesthesia needs and especially attitude changes. It can create the all important positive attitude necessary for healing. It can enhance learning, motivation, build confidence and improve relationships.

Manage Your Life!

Being able to think and act positively is achieved through an awareness of self-management. The elements are vital to achieve success. The person who manages events, emotions, and personal progress is freer from stress, anxiety, fear, inadequacy and other negative traits. Hypnosis can create and enhance confidence, assuredness and childhood imprints, effects of past failures can be converted to positive learning experiences for excellence. Hypnotherapists can help belief in personal power (the ability to act) resulting in the complete turnaround of lives and fortunes.

Achieve Your Potential!

Self-esteem and self-confidence are essential to well-being. Self-esteem is fundamental to friendships, ambitions and goals - even health, itself. A person must like, respect and admire the person he/she sees in a mirror Life events, in childhood or adult years, can damage self-esteem and confidence; reducing the chances of reaching one's full potential. Past negative programming, from judgemental parents, teachers, relatives or peers can inhibit progress. But hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis can reveal the causes, create understanding and modify self-doubts and beliefs, enabling the individuals to achieve their full potential.

To discuss whether hypnotherapy could help you, or to make a booking,
call now on 07508 358220 or e-mail emma-louise@hypnotherapy2empower.com

Hypnotherapy in Cambridge and Harley Street, London

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